Seznam karet


1S1 Anubis, Banished Lord Adversary
1R2 Anubis, Galactic Menace Adversary
1R3 Apophis, Enemy Reborn Adversary
1S4 Apophis, Threat to Earth Adversary
1R5 Ardent Prior, Damaris Adversary
1R6 Baal, Charming Villain Adversary
1U7 Caulder, Administrator Adversary
1C8 Devout Prior, Instrument of the Ori Adversary
1U9 Fifth, Hardened Foe Adversary
1U10 Frank Simmons, Government Adversary Adversary
1R11 Hathor, Mother of All Pharaohs Adversary
1U12 Imhotep, Enemy Within Adversary
1C13 Ja'din, Servant of Cronus Adversary
1U14 Klorel, Mighty Warrior Adversary
1R15 Mollem, Duplicitous Diplomat Adversary
1R16 Mot, Servant of Baal Adversary
1U17 Nirrti, Goddess of Darkness Adversary
1R18 Osiris, Emissary of Anubis Adversary
1R19 Replicator Carter, Leader of the Scourge Adversary
1C20 Robert Kinsey, Ambitious Senator Adversary
1U21 Samuels, Turncoat Adversary
1C22 Shak'l, Servant of Apophis Adversary
1R23 Sokar, Rising Nemesis Adversary
1U24 Tanith, Lurker Adversary
1U25 Trofsky, Hathor's Lieutenant Adversary
1C26 Yu, The Great Adversary
1C27 Anise, Determined Archaeologist Support Character
1C28 Aris Boch, Bounty Hunter Support Character
1C29 Artok, Impassioned Rebel Support Character
1U30 Bauer, NID Patsy Support Character
1C31 Bill Lee, Engineering Specialist Support Character
1R32 Burke, C.I.A. Operative Support Character
1C33 Chaka, Tribal Leader Support Character
1R34 Chekov, Russian Envoy Support Character
1C35 Cross, Deep Cover Agent Support Character
1C36 Darian, Freedom Fighter Support Character
1C37 Drey'auc, Of the Cordai Plains Support Character
1R38 Elizabeth Weir, Skilled Diplomat Support Character
1U39 Frank Cromwell, Strike Team Leader Support Character
1U40 Freyr, High Council Member Support Character
1R41 Fro'tak, Jealous Rival Support Character
1U42 Gairwyn, Cimmerian Ally Support Character
1U43 Garshaw, Grand Councillor Support Character
1R44 George Hammond, SGC Commander Support Character
1C45 Gerak, Leader of the Jaffa Support Character
1U46 Haikon, Lord of the Sodan Support Character
1R47 Hank Landry, SGC Commander Support Character
1R48 Harlan, Custodian of Altair Support Character
1U49 Heimdall, Geneticist Support Character
1R50 Henry Hayes, President of the United States Support Character
1C51 Jamala, Unlikely Ally Support Character
1R52 Janet Fraiser, Brilliant Doctor Support Character
1U53 Jarrod Kane, Chief Aide Support Character
1U54 Joe Faxon, Aschen Liaison Support Character
1U55 Joe Spencer, Average Citizen Support Character
1U56 Jolan, Warrior of the Sodan Support Character
1C57 Keffler, Bioengineer Support Character
1U58 Kendra, Child of Jebanna Support Character
1U59 Khonsu, Goa'uld Impostor Support Character
1U60 Kieran, Naquadria Researcher Support Character
1C61 Malcolm Barett, NID Investigator Support Character
1C62 Malek, Outpost Commander Support Character
1R63 Mark Devlin, NID Assassin Support Character
1R64 Martin Lloyd, Television Writer Support Character
1C65 Merrin, Orbanian Urrone Support Character
1C66 Nicholas Ballard, Outcast Scholar Support Character
1C67 Nyan, Bedrosian Archaeologist Support Character
1U68 Ocker, Tok'ra Operative Support Character
1C69 Olaf, Cimmerian Fighter Support Character
1R70 Oma Desala, Guide to Ascension Support Character
1R71 Orlin, Outcast Ancient Support Character
1C72 Osbourne, Antarctic Researcher Support Character
1U73 Paul Davis, Pentagon Liaison Support Character
1C74 Raully, Undercover Operative Support Character
1U75 Richard Woolsey, Washington Bureaucrat Support Character
1R76 Rodney McKay, Stargate Expert Support Character
1U77 Rya'c, Young Rebel Support Character
1U78 Satterfield, Academy Graduate Support Character
1R79 Thor, Friend of the Tau'ri Support Character
1C80 Tolok, Jaffa Elder Support Character
1R81 Vidrine, Lieutenant General Support Character
1R82 Walter Harriman, Technician Support Character
1C83 Warrick, Race Pilot Support Character
1U84 Whitlow, Covert Contact Support Character
1U85 Aldwin, Tok'ra Agent Team Character
1C86 Balinsky, Insightful Archaeologist Team Character
1S87 Bra'tac, Jaffa Master Team Character
1C88 Cameron Mitchell, Eager Adventurer Team Character
1C89 Charles Kawalsky, Good Soldier Team Character
1R90 Daniel Jackson, Adventurer Team Character
1C91 Daniel Jackson, Trained Fighter Team Character
1R92 George Hammond, Front Line General Team Character
1S93 Harold Maybourne, Ally of Opportunity Team Character
1U94 Ishta, Leader of the Hak'tyl Resistance Team Character
1C95 Jack O'Neill, SG-1 Commander Team Character
1R96 Jack O'Neill, Witty Explorer Team Character
1R97 Jacob Carter, Man of Two Worlds Team Character
1U98 Janet Fraiser, Field Medic Team Character
1R99 Makepeace, NID Mole Team Character
1S100 Martouf, Tok'ra Liaison Team Character
1C101 Rak'nor, Rebel Convert Team Character
1C102 Samantha Carter, Problem Solver Team Character
1R103 Samantha Carter, Scientific Genius Team Character
1U104 Svetlana Markov, Brilliant Scientist Team Character
1C105 Teal'c, Enemy of the Goa'uld Team Character
1R106 Teal'c, Warrior of Chulak Team Character
1R107 Thor, Asgard Ally Team Character
1S108 Vala Mal Doran, Probationary Member of the SGC Team Character
1R109 Zukhov, Russian Colonel Team Character
1C110 Antiquity Event
1C111 Barter Event
1C112 Close Inspection Event
1R113 Coordinated Movements Event
1C114 Goofing Off Event
1R115 Heroism Event
1C116 Ill-Gotten Gains Event
1C117 Keep in Check Event
1U118 Learning from the Enemy Event
1C119 Loyal Sacrifice Event
1C120 Mission Files Event
1C121 Nice Shot Event
1R122 Pull Out Event
1C123 Quick Study Event
1C124 R and R Event
1C125 Receiving a Go Event
1U126 Reconnaissance Event
1U127 Recuperate Event
1R128 Return Trip Event
1C129 Roundup Event
1C130 Seasoned Travellers Event
1C131 Sense of Adventure Event
1C132 Special Training Event
1C133 Suppression Fire Event
1C134 Tabloid Research Event
1C135 Tight-knit Team Event
1C136 Top Minds Event
1R137 Yeeeehaaaw! Event
1R138 Alpha Site Facility Gear
1R139 Asgard Transporter Gear
1R140 Atoniek Armband Gear
1R141 DHD Gear
1C142 Dialing Computer Gear
1C143 Galaran Memory Device Gear
1C144 Hazard Suits Gear
1U145 Healing Device Gear
1R146 Iris Gear
1R147 MALP Gear
1C148 Naquadah Reactor Gear
1R149 P90 Gear
1U150 Quantum Mirror Gear
1R151 Sarcophagus Gear
1C152 Staff Weapon Gear
1U153 Symbiote Poison Gear
1U154 T.E.R. Gear
1C155 Transport Rings Gear
1C156 Writings from Heliopolis Gear
1C157 Zat Gun Gear
1S158 Acquire Specimen, BP6-3Q1 Mission
1S159 Antarctic Rescue, Antarctica Mission
1S160 Attend Triad, Tollana Mission
1S161 Avert Disaster, Near Earth Orbit Mission
1S162 Beneath the Surface, P3R-118 Mission
1S163 Brief Candle, Argos Mission
1S164 Conduct Repairs, Crash Site Mission
1S165 Contact the Asgard, Cimmeria Mission
1S166 Convert Jaffa, Jaffa Training Camp Mission
1S167 Cultural Exchange, Orban Mission
1S168 Cure the Vorlix, Vyus Mission
1S169 Defeat Ashrak, Alpha Site Mission
1S170 Destroy Battleship, Apophis' Shipyard Mission
1S171 Destroy Minor Goa'uld, Tanith's Garrison Mission
1S172 Disclosure, Top Secret Summit Mission
1S173 Escape the Keeper, P7J-989 Mission
1S174 Establish Communication, P3X-562 Mission
1S175 Evacuate Village, Nassya Mission
1S176 Explore Genetics Lab, Nirrti's Laboratory Mission
1S177 Expose Blackmail, Senator Kinsey's House Mission
1S178 Fall of Earth, Cheyenne Mountain Mission
1S179 Infiltrate Summit, Goa'uld Space Station Mission
1S180 Investigate Disappearance, P2X-338 Mission
1S181 Investigate Plague, Hanka Mission
1S182 Locate Renegades, NID Base Mission
1S183 Loop of Kon Garat, Hebridan Mission
1S184 Offworld Research, M4C-862 Mission
1S185 Pandemic Containment, Colorado Springs Mission
1S186 Prevent Invasion, Staging Area Mission
1S187 Prison Break, Chulak Mission
1S188 Pursue the Harcesis, Kheb Mission
1S189 Relocate Advanced Civilization, Tollan Mission
1S190 Repel Cronus, Juna Mission
1S191 Rescue Operative, Ne'tu Mission
1S192 Research Advanced Races, Heliopolis Mission
1S193 Retrieve Artifact, P5C-353 Mission
1S194 Salvage Technology, Ma'chello's Laboratory Mission
1S195 Search and Rescue, Hathor's Stronghold Mission
1S196 Seek and Capture, Nox Homeworld Mission
1S197 Seek Assistance, Asgard Council Chamber Mission
1S198 Stall Enemy, Cimmeria Mission
1S199 Supply Raid, Nirrti's Supply Depot Mission
1S200 Survey Goa'uld Pleasure Palace, P4X-347 Mission
1S201 Time Loop, P4X-639 Mission
1S202 Training Exercises, Converted Warehouse Mission
1S203 Uncover the Stargate, Tagrea Mission
1S204 What Fate Omaroca?, P8X-362 Mission
1S205 Wormhole X-Treme!, The Bridge Studios Mission
1C206 Advanced Technology Obstacle
1U207 Alien Orb Obstacle
1U208 Assembled Ranks Obstacle
1U209 Babysitting Job Obstacle
1C210 Betrayed by an Ally Obstacle
1U211 Big Bug Obstacle
1U212 Blinded Obstacle
1U213 Blood of Sokar Obstacle
1C214 Body Swap Obstacle
1C215 Botched Rescue Obstacle
1C216 Brainwashing Obstacle
1U217 Cannon Tower Obstacle
1R218 Carnivorous Creature Obstacle
1C219 Cloaked Ashrak Obstacle
1R220 Cor-ai Obstacle
1U221 Corrosive Spray Obstacle
1R222 Curse of Morgan le Fay Obstacle
1U223 Damaged DHD Obstacle
1C224 Disadvantaged Obstacle
1U225 Dissolution Obstacle
1U226 Endless Scenario Obstacle
1U227 Endure the Tests Obstacle
1R228 The Enemy Within Obstacle
1C229 Engineered Virus Obstacle
1U230 Excavation Obstacle
1C231 Fire Rain Obstacle
1U232 Force Field Obstacle
1U233 Forced Labor Camp Obstacle
1R234 Full Investigation Obstacle
1C235 Gadmeer Terraformer Obstacle
1U236 Goa'uld Wrath Obstacle
1R237 Goa'uld Bomb Obstacle
1R238 Going Wacko Obstacle
1C239 Harsh Conditions Obstacle
1C240 Historic Writings Obstacle
1R241 Homicidal Robotic Clone Obstacle
1C242 Hot Pursuit Obstacle
1C243 Idle Hands Obstacle
1R244 Implanted Obstacle
1C245 Infested Ships Obstacle
1U246 Information Leak Obstacle
1R247 Insurgency Obstacle
1C248 Interdimensional Creatures Obstacle
1C249 Lack of Experience Obstacle
1C250 Language Barrier Obstacle
1C251 Lockdown Obstacle
1C252 Loss of Funding Obstacle
1U253 Making an Example Obstacle
1U254 Mind Probe Obstacle
1R255 Naquadria Hallucinations Obstacle
1U256 Nightwalkers Obstacle
1U257 Out of Phase Obstacle
1C258 Out of Your Depth Obstacle
1C259 Overrun Obstacle
1C260 Parasitic Insects Obstacle
1U261 Philosophical Differences Obstacle
1U262 Power Surge Obstacle
1R263 Prior Outbreak Obstacle
1R264 Prolonged Torture Obstacle
1C265 Red Sky Obstacle
1C266 Renewal Obstacle
1R267 Repeating Time Obstacle
1U268 Rid Yourself of Burdens Obstacle
1C269 Sabotage Obstacle
1C270 Salish Spirits Obstacle
1R271 Senate Expense Review Obstacle
1C272 Serpent Guards Obstacle
1C273 Shock Grenade Obstacle
1C274 Stonewalled Obstacle
1U275 System Overload Obstacle
1C276 Team Compromised Obstacle
1C277 Telekinetic Mutants Obstacle
1C278 Tight Rein Obstacle
1C279 Too Close Encounter Obstacle
1U280 Touch of Corruption Obstacle
1C281 Troop Landing Obstacle
1C282 Under Fire Obstacle
1R283 Under Suspicion Obstacle
1R284 Unlikely Friends Obstacle
1C285 Urgo's Influence Obstacle
1C286 Water-Based Life Forms Obstacle
1UR287 Cameron Mitchell, Keen Strategist Team Character
1UR288 Daniel Jackson, Linguistics Expert Team Character
1UR289 Jack O'Neill, Team Leader Team Character
1UR290 Samantha Carter, Invaluable Asset Team Character
1UR291 Teal'c, Staunch Defender Team Character
1UR292 Vala Mal Doran, Con Artist Team Character
1P1 Teal'c, Enemy of the Goa'uld Team Character
1P2 Anubis, Galactic Menace Adversary
1P3 Skaara, Hero of Abydos Support Character
1P4 Jay Felger, Scientist in the Field Team Character
1P5 Thor, Asgard Ally Team Character
1P6 DHD Gear
1P7 Oma Desala, Guide to Ascension Support Character
1T1 Jack O'Neill, Dynamic Leader Team Character
1T2 Vala Mal Doran, SG-1 Member Team Character
1T4 Marshall Sumner, Senior Military Officer Team Character

System Lords

2U1 Adrian Conrad, Dying Recluse Adversary
2R2 Amonet, Cherished Queen Adversary
2S3 Apophis, Enemy of Sokar Adversary
2S4 Baal, Heir to Power Adversary
2C5 Borren, Aschen Official Adversary
2C6 Camulus, Celtic God of War Adversary
2U7 Cronus, God of Fate Adversary
2C8 Erebus Commander, Death Camp Commandant Adversary
2C9 Herak, First Prime of Anubis Adversary
2R10 The Keeper, Guardian Adversary
2C11 Kendrick, Special Investigator Adversary
2R12 Khalek, "Son" of Anubis Adversary
2U13 Kull Warrior, Super Soldier Adversary
2R14 Nerus, Agent of the Ori Adversary
2R15 Olokun, Desperate Lord Adversary
2S16 Osiris, Agent of Anubis Adversary
2U17 Peter Tanner, Alien Deserter Adversary
2R18 Ra, The Sun God Adversary
2R19 Raphael, Honduran Terrorist Adversary
2R20 Reese, Creator of the Replicators Adversary
2R21 Robert Kinsey, Vice President Adversary
2U22 Sekhmet, Genetic Experiment Adversary
2R23 Sindar, Loyal Servant of Cronus Adversary
2C24 Third, Human-Form Replicator Adversary
2C25 Thoth, Servant of Anubis Adversary
2C26 Til'vak, Servant of Baal Adversary
2S27 Yu, Venerable Lord Adversary
2U28 Zipacna, Cunning Servant Adversary
2C29 Adal, Loyal Rebel Support Character
2C30 Aegir, Asgard Commander Support Character
2U31 Alar, Eurondan Leader Support Character
2U32 Alec Colson, Billionaire Businessman Support Character
2R33 Anatole Konstantinov, Cosmonaut Support Character
2R34 Anise, Experimental Scientist Support Character
2R35 Ayiana, Remnant of Atlantis Support Character
2C36 Boris, Submariner Support Character
2R37 Brent Langham, Unscrupulous Scientist Support Character
2R38 Brian Vogler, Company Man Support Character
2C39 Bricksdale, Area 51 Scientist Support Character
2U40 Carmichael, SGC Physician Support Character
2R41 Carolyn Lam, Chief Medical Officer Support Character
2U42 Charlie, Re'tu Liaison Support Character
2C43 Chaska, Caledonian Minister Support Character
2U44 Chloe, Lab Assistant Support Character
2R45 Daniel Jackson, Ascended Being Support Character
2U46 Delek, Tok'ra Leader Support Character
2U47 Denya, Ori Dissenter Support Character
2U48 Garan, Servant of Arkhan Support Character
2C49 Golon Jarlath, Reluctant Ally Support Character
2C50 Graham Simmons, Assistant Engineer Support Character
2R51 Jack O'Neill, SGC Commander Support Character
2R52 Jarrod Kane, Rand Senator Support Character
2U53 Kal'el, High Council Member Support Character
2R54 Kasuf, Leader of Abydos Support Character
2C55 Kearney, Air Force Major Support Character
2C56 Kheb Monk, Adherent of Desala Support Character
2C57 Luthor, Informant Support Character
2C58 Marell, Research Scientist Support Character
2C59 Maz'rai, High Council Member Support Character
2C60 Mr. Kent, Leader of the Trust Support Character
2U61 Natania, Simple Villager Support Character
2R62 Orlin, Fading Genius Support Character
2U63 Ruslan Chernoshev, Opportunist Support Character
2R64 Sanderson, Rogue Operative Support Character
2C65 Seevis, Resistance Leader Support Character
2C66 Shau'nac, Of the Red Hills Support Character
2R67 Siler, Gate Room Technician Support Character
2U68 Sina, Tactician Support Character
2R69 Skaara, Hero of Abydos Support Character
2U70 Steven Rayner, Archaeologist Support Character
2R71 T'akaya, Salish Spirit Support Character
2R72 Tara'c, Zealous Warrior Support Character
2U73 "Tyler", Reole Fugitive Support Character
2R74 Xe'ls, Salish Spirit Support Character
2U75 Yat'Yir, Gerak's Aide Support Character
2U76 Young Jack, Loki's Clone Support Character
2C77 Yuri, Submariner Support Character
2C78 Zarin, Goa'uld Impostor Support Character
2U79 Alexi Vaselov, Decorated Colonel Team Character
2C80 Altman, Equipment Specialist Team Character
2C81 Aron, Rebel Leader Team Character
2U82 Barber, SG-5 Lieutenant Team Character
2S83 Cameron Mitchell, Inspiring Influence Team Character
2S84 Daniel Jackson, Veteran Traveller Team Character
2C85 Daria Voronkova, Military Aide Team Character
2R86 Elliot, Distinguished Lieutenant Team Character
2U87 Grogan, Unseasoned Sergeant Team Character
2U88 Harper, SG-5 Commander Team Character
2C89 Jack O'Neill, Optimist Team Character
2R90 Jay Felger, Scientist in the Field Team Character
2R91 Jennifer Hailey, Brilliant Cadet Team Character
2R92 Jennings, Agent of the Trust Team Character
2U93 Kelmaa, Tok'ra Doctor Team Character
2U94 Kershaw, NID Operative Team Character
2U95 Kvasir, Advanced Engineer Team Character
2C96 Lindsay, Anthropologist Team Character
2U97 Mala, Ishta's Kin'dra Team Character
2C98 Mansfield, SG-17 Commander Team Character
2R99 M'zel, Influential Leader Team Character
2C100 Narim, Tollan Friend Team Character
2C101 Ren'al, Tok'ra Biochemist Team Character
2R102 Reynolds, SG-3 Commander Team Character
2R103 Samantha Carter, Jolinar of Malkshur Team Character
2C104 Samantha Carter, Mathematics Wizard Team Character
2U105 Shawn Grieves, Team Leader Team Character
2U106 Smith, NID Operator Team Character
2C107 Teal'c, Fierce Warrior Team Character
2C108 Tolinev, Russian Lieutenant Team Character
2C109 Vala Mal Doran, Resourceful Rogue Team Character
2C110 Vallarin, Russian Major Team Character
2R111 Annihilation Event
2C112 Celebration Event
2C113 Clever Disguise Event
2R114 Digging Deep Event
2R115 Entropic Cascade Failure Event
2R116 Finishing Blow Event
2R117 Gone Fishing Event
2C118 Guest Lecture Event
2R119 Helping Hand Event
2C120 Important Dig Event
2C121 Interrogation Event
2C122 Intimidation Event
2C123 Kelnorim Event
2C124 Lay Down Cover Event
2C125 Leave Behind No Trace Event
2R126 Lucy! I'm Home! Event
2C127 Martial Arts Training Event
2C128 New Tack Event
2C129 Perks Event
2C130 Plan B Event
2R131 Planned Assault Event
2U132 Possible Fate Event
2C133 Research and Development Event
2C134 Resilience Event
2R135 Self Sacrifice Event
2R136 Stoicism Event
2U137 Strange Bedfellows Event
2C138 Teamwork Event
2U139 Tok'ra Ambush Event
2C140 Turn the Tables Event
2R141 Victory or Death Event
2R142 Canopic Jar Gear
2R143 G.D.O. Gear
2U144 Glider Cannon Gear
2U145 Goa'uld Experiments Gear
2R146 ID Scanner Gear
2U147 M9 Pistol Gear
2C148 Ma'chello's Notes Gear
2U149 Mimic Device Gear
2C150 Reole Chemical Gear
2R151 Repository of Knowledge Gear
2R152 Sagan Institute Box Gear
2U153 SGC Emblem Gear
2C154 Smoke Grenades Gear
2C155 Sodan Cloaking Device Gear
2R156 Tok'ra Operative Network Gear
2U157 Tollan Health Monitor Gear
2U158 Touchstone Gear
2C159 Walkie-Talkie Gear
2S160 Activate Trap, Halla Mission
2S161 Avert Bombing, Hakyon Tower Mission
2S162 Build Naquadah Reactor, Cheyenne Mountain Mission
2S163 Canvass Illegal Operations, NID Warehouse Mission
2S164 Catalog Alien Technology, P3R-233 Mission
2S165 Construct Anti-Replicator Weapon, Asgard Ship Mission
2S166 Contact Giant Aliens, P7X-377 Mission
2S167 Defeat Kull Warrior, Alpha Site Ruins Mission
2S168 Defeat Replicators, Orilla Mission
2S169 Defend the Byrsa, Cartego Mission
2S170 Destroy Ori Beachhead, Kallana Mission
2S171 Disable the Link, P3X-289 Mission
2S172 Elude Patrols, P7S-441 Mission
2S173 Entrap Goa'uld, Daniel Jackson's House Mission
2S174 Escape Bounty Hunter, Uncontrolled planet Mission
2S175 Escape Naquadah Mine, P3R-636 Mission
2S176 Escape Prison World, Hadante Mission
2S177 Excavate Ancient Artifacts, Antarctic Research Base Mission
2S178 Explore Anubis' Hybrid Lab, P3X-584 Mission
2S179 Expose Fraud, Cal Mah Mission
2S180 Free Captives, P8X-873 Mission
2S181 Gather Intelligence, Tartarus Mission
2S182 Hold Off Ambush, P3X-666 Mission
2S183 Hunt Goa'uld, Northern Washington Mission
2S184 Inform New President, The White House Mission
2S185 Intercept Osiris, Egyptian Tomb Mission
2S186 Invasion Reconnaissance, Re'tu Staging World Mission
2S187 Investigate Ancient Inscriptions, P3R-272 Mission
2S188 Investigate Dead Hosts, Linver Meeting Site Mission
2S189 Investigate Mass Murder, P4S-161 Mission
2S190 Liberate Servants of Baal, P4S-237 Mission
2S191 Persuade Oma Desala, Ascended Plane Mission
2S192 Prevent Annihilation, P5S-381 Mission
2S193 Prevent Theft, Nevada Facility Mission
2S194 Protected Planet Negotiations, Cheyenne Mountain Mission
2S195 Reach Out to the Asgard, Othalla Mission
2S196 Recover Z.P.M., Giza, 3000 B.C. Mission
2S197 Repair the Sentinel, Latona Mission
2S198 Rescue Captive, P3X-888 Mission
2S199 Rescue Team, Bedrosia Mission
2S200 Restore Odin's Light, K'Tau Mission
2S201 Restore Symbiotic Balance, PJ2-445 Mission
2S202 Reveal Coercion, Tollana Mission
2S203 Sabotage Goa'uld Alliance, Tobin System Mission
2S204 Stop Experiments, Nirrti's Fortress Mission
2S205 Stop Prim'tah, Chulak Mission
2S206 Sway Villagers, P8X-412 Mission
2S207 Translate Cartouche, Abydos Mission
2C208 Advancing Line Obstacle
2U209 Alien Foothold Obstacle
2C210 Alliance of System Lords Obstacle
2R211 Ancient Contagion Obstacle
2C212 Approaching Swarm Obstacle
2C213 Backstabbed Obstacle
2C214 Battle Losses Obstacle
2U215 Blackmailed Obstacle
2C216 Blocked Escape Obstacle
2C217 Booby-Trapped Z.P.M. Obstacle
2C218 Building the Ranks Obstacle
2C219 Buried Gate Obstacle
2R220 Caught Off Guard Obstacle
2U221 Cave-In Obstacle
2R222 Containment Field Obstacle
2R223 Critical Wound Obstacle
2C224 Cut Off Obstacle
2C225 Deep Memory Scan Obstacle
2R226 Dimensional Shift Obstacle
2U227 Enduring Evil Obstacle
2C228 Energy Feedback Obstacle
2C229 Entranced Obstacle
2U230 Epidemic Obstacle
2C231 Estrangement Obstacle
2C232 False Memory Obstacle
2U233 Fearing a Return Obstacle
2R234 Forced to Surrender Obstacle
2U235 Framed for Murder Obstacle
2C236 Full Contingent Obstacle
2C237 Galactic Threat Obstacle
2C238 Glider Strafing Run Obstacle
2U239 Hazardous Duty Obstacle
2U240 Head Injury Obstacle
2C241 Horus Guard Obstacle
2U242 In-Fighting Obstacle
2U243 Joint Mission Obstacle
2U244 Judgment of the Taldur Obstacle
2U245 Kneel Before Your God Obstacle
2U246 Kor Mak Joining Obstacle
2C247 Living Bomb Obstacle
2U248 Loyal Subjects Obstacle
2U249 Memory Stamp Obstacle
2R250 Mind Invasion Obstacle
2C251 Near-Death Experience Obstacle
2C252 New Guy! Obstacle
2U253 Nish'ta Obstacle
2C254 Not What He Appears Obstacle
2C255 Occupation Force Obstacle
2C256 On Alert Obstacle
2C257 Paperwork Obstacle
2R258 Payoff Obstacle
2R259 Plea for Help Obstacle
2C260 Prisoners of the Jaffa Obstacle
2C261 Programmed Obstacle
2U262 Questioned Loyalties Obstacle
2R263 Rapid Aging Obstacle
2R264 Rebuffed Obstacle
2R265 Recognized Obstacle
2U266 Revolutionaries Obstacle
2U267 Ribbon Device Torture Obstacle
2R268 Rigged Explosives Obstacle
2C269 Risk of Exposure Obstacle
2U270 Scenarios of the Keeper Obstacle
2C271 Security Field Obstacle
2C272 Spreading Fear Obstacle
2C273 Standoff Obstacle
2C274 Strained Relations Obstacle
2C275 Sudden Onset Obstacle
2U276 Suicidal Za'tarc Obstacle
2C277 Taken in Secret Obstacle
2C278 Targeted Abduction Obstacle
2C279 Terminal Condition Obstacle
2C280 Test of Worthiness Obstacle
2R281 Time Dilation Obstacle
2C282 Turncoat Obstacle
2R283 Unas Attack Obstacle
2U284 Unbelievers Obstacle
2U285 Unfamiliar Customs Obstacle
2C286 Unforeseen Consequences Obstacle
2UR287 Anubis, Powerful Nemesis Adversary
2UR288 Apophis, The Serpent God Adversary
2UR289 Baal, Persistent Foe Adversary
2UR290 Brainwashed Teal'c, Faithful First Prime Adversary
2UR291 Hathor, Rising Power Adversary
2UR292 Replicator Carter, Disarming Foe Adversary
2P1 Young Jack, Loki's Clone Support Character
2P2 Cronus, God of Fate Adversary
2P3 Ra, The Sun God Adversary
2P4 "Colonel Danning", X-cellent Hero Support Character
2P5 Jack O'Neill, SGC Commander Support Character
2P6 Michael Ryan, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Support Character
2P7 Canopic Jar Gear

Rise of the Ori

3U1 Aden Corso, Convicted Criminal Adversary
3S2 Adria, The Orici Adversary
3R3 Anubis, Warlord Adversary
3C4 Apophis, Risen from the Fires Adversary
3S5 The Doci, Voice of the Ori Adversary
3U6 Dutiful Prior, Adria's Attendant Adversary
3C7 Enlightened Prior, Teacher of Origin Adversary
3R8 First, Leap in Evolution Adversary
3R9 Heru'ur, Shrewd Rival Adversary
3C10 Kali, The Destroyer Adversary
3U11 Kefflin, Loyal Second Adversary
3R12 Moloc, Great and Powerful Adversary
3R13 Netan, Head of the Lucian Alliance Adversary
3R14 Odai Ventrell, Bounty Hunter Adversary
3U15 Quartus, Chief Negotiation Officer Adversary
3R16 Robert Kinsey, Goa'uld Infiltrator Adversary
3C17 Ronan, Betrayer Adversary
3U18 Ted, Alien Deserter Adversary
3R19 Tomin, Strong, Proud Warrior Adversary
3R20 Vengeful Prior, Hand of the Ori Adversary
3R21 Adam Banks, Gunner Support Character
3U22 Arlos, Alien Technology Expert Support Character
3U23 Birra, Citizen of Kallana Support Character
3C24 Brooks, Computer Tech Support Character
3R25 Cameron Mitchell, Blue Leader Support Character
3U26 Cicero, Archaeological Researcher Support Character
3R27 "Colonel Danning", X-cellent Hero Support Character
3R28 Daniel Jackson, Prior of the Ori Support Character
3C29 Devon, Trust Operative Support Character
3R30 "Dr. Levant", X-cellent Hero Support Character
3R31 Elizabeth Weir, Ancient Languages Expert Support Character
3C32 Emmett Bregman, Documentary Filmmaker Support Character
3C33 Fannis, Ancestral Investigator Support Character
3U34 Francis Maynard, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Support Character
3R35 "Grell", X-cellent Hero Support Character
3U36 Jacek, Petty Chief Support Character
3C37 Jalen, Field Agent Support Character
3R38 John Sheppard, Unconventional Leader Support Character
3R39 Jonas Quinn, Special Advisor Support Character
3U40 Lindsey Novak, Eccentric Engineer Support Character
3R41 Linea, Destroyer of Worlds Support Character
3U42 Ma'chello, Inventor Support Character
3R43 "Major Monroe", X-cellent Hero Support Character
3R44 Merlin, Dissenting Ancient Support Character
3R45 Michael Ryan, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Support Character
3U46 Morgan le Fay, Dissident Ancient Support Character
3C47 Mr. Parker, Leader of the Trust Support Character
3C48 Mr. Wayne, Leader of the Trust Support Character
3R49 Pete Shanahan, Inquistive Detective Support Character
3R50 Rodney McKay, Munitions Yield Expert Support Character
3C51 Ryk'l, Freedom Fighter Support Character
3U52 Se'tak, Leader of the Jaffa Support Character
3U53 Sha're, Beloved Wife and Daughter Support Character
3R54 Ta'Seem, Tok'ra Surgeon Support Character
3C55 Tass'an, Settler Support Character
3U56 Thoran, Tok'ra Intermediary Support Character
3U57 Bo'rel, Free Jaffa Team Character
3R58 Bra'tac, Honored Teacher Team Character
3S59 Cameron Mitchell, "Mr. Shaft" Team Character
3R60 Chekov, Korolev Captain Team Character
3R61 Daniel Jackson, Ambassador of Earth Team Character
3C62 Dave Dixon, SG-13 Commander Team Character
3C63 Erin Grant, Bridge Officer Team Character
3S64 Hadden, SG-12 Commander Team Character
3U65 Harold Maybourne, Helpful Informant Team Character
3U66 Hoskins, Agent of the Trust Team Character
3U67 Jack O'Neill, Dynamic Leader Team Character
3U68 Jacob Carter, Tok'ra Ambassador Team Character
3S69 Jonas Quinn, Quick Study Team Character
3R70 Lionel Pendergast, Prometheus Commander Team Character
3R71 Loki, Banished Scientist Team Character
3R72 Malek, Tok'ra Warrior Team Character
3C73 Marks, Bridge Officer Team Character
3C74 Neath, Hardened Warrior Team Character
3U75 Paul Emerson, Odyssey Commander Team Character
3R76 Samantha Carter, Formidable Warrior Team Character
3U77 Sergei Evanov, Team Leader Team Character
3U78 Simon Coombs, Scientist in the Field Team Character
3R79 Teal'c, Man of Action Team Character
3U80 Thor, Supreme Commander Team Character
3S81 Vala Mal Doran, Practiced Thief Team Character
3R82 Vala Mal Doran, SG-1 Member Team Character
3R83 Weaver, Trust Interrogator Team Character
3U84 William Ronson, Prometheus Commander Team Character
3C85 Cheap Knockoff Event
3C86 Conservation Event
3U87 Covert Strike Event
3C88 Fend Off Event
3C89 Harsh Justice Event
3U90 Indulgences Event
3U91 Insight Event
3U92 Interference Event
3U93 Nice Enough Couple Event
3R94 Part of the Plan Event
3C95 Proactive Stance Event
3C96 Proceeding with Caution Event
3C97 Protector of All Event
3U98 Revisionist History Event
3C99 Scramble Event
3R100 Temptation Event
3R101 Anti-Replicator Disruptor Gear
3C102 HUD Headset Gear
3C103 Mind Transference Device Gear
3R104 Quantum Mirror Control Gear
3R105 Quarantine Container Gear
3R106 Russian-Controlled DHD Gear
3U107 Terra-root Gear
3R108 U.A.V. Gear
3S109 Accompany Documentary Crew, Cheyenne Mountain Mission
3S110 Aid Evacuation, Vorash Mission
3S111 Aid Resistance, Hak'tyl Mission
3S112 Appropriations Committee Meeting, Washington, D.C. Mission
3S113 Attend Jaffa Summit, Dar Eshkalon Mission
3S114 Calibrate Super-Weapon, Dakara Mission
3S115 Capture Clone, Baal's Ha'tak Mission
3S116 Cloak Earth, Parallel Universe Mission
3S117 Consult Expert, Adora Mission
3S118 Coordinated Assault, Trust Safehouse Mission
3S119 Cure Deadly Virus, Vagonbrei Mission
3S120 Destroy Kassa Shipment, Lucian Alliance Freighter Mission
3S121 Destroy Weapon, Stronghold of Anubis Mission
3S122 Diplomatic Envoy, Moscow Mission
3S123 Disable Orbital Weapon, Tegalus Mission
3S124 Discredit Leak, "Inside Access" Mission
3S125 Eradicate Computer Virus, P5S-117 Mission
3S126 Escape the Pressure, Silver Creek Mission
3S127 Escape Time Dilation Field, P3X-474 Mission
3S128 Escort IOA Representatives, Gamma Site Mission
3S129 Exonerate Team Member, Galar Mission
3S130 Explore Ruins, Excavation Site Mission
3S131 Extract Prisoners, Revolutionary Camp Mission
3S132 Free Unas, Slave Pen Mission
3S133 Halt Subterranean Reaction, Langara Mission
3S134 Hide the Harcesis, Abydos Mission
3S135 Infiltrate Lucian Alliance, Netan's Flagship Mission
3S136 Investigate Farrow-Marshall, Bethesda Mission
3S137 Investigate the Aschen, Volia Mission
3S138 Liberate Labor Camp, Erebus Mission
3S139 Lie Low, Ver Isca Mission
3S140 Locate the Eye of Ra, Abydos Mission
3S141 Negotiate Mining Rights, P3X-403 Mission
3S142 Obtain Information, Former Goa'uld Hangar Mission
3S143 Protect Village, P9C-882 Mission
3S144 Recover Team Member, P2M-903 Mission
3S145 Recover Touchstone, Madrona Mission
3S146 Repair Engines, Interstellar Gas Cloud Mission
3S147 Repel Moloc, New Hak'tyl Settlement Mission
3S148 Restore Timeline, Giza, 3000 B.C. Mission
3S149 Retain Custody, Cheyenne Mountain Mission
3S150 Retain Space/Time Rupture, Cheyenne Mountain Mission
3S151 Review Hollywood Script, Cheyenne Mountain Mission
3S152 Sabotage Ship Construction, Shipyard Near Ver Isca Mission
3S153 Salvage Enemy Ship, Earth Orbit Mission
3S154 Secure Crash Site, Rocky Mountains Mission
3S155 Trade Rendezvous, Off-the-Grid Planet Mission
3S156 Withstand Armada, Antarctica Mission
3U157 Adaptation Obstacle
3C158 Alliance in Jeopardy Obstacle
3U159 Ambushed Summit Obstacle
3C160 Barroom Thugs Obstacle
3C161 Battered Defenses Obstacle
3C162 Clues from the Past Obstacle
3C163 Cornered Obstacle
3U164 Corrupted Ally Obstacle
3R165 Debilitated Obstacle
3C166 Direct Hit Obstacle
3R167 Execution Squad Obstacle
3R168 Exploitation Obstacle
3R169 Final Challenge Obstacle
3U170 Friends At Odds Obstacle
3R171 The Game of Diplomacy Obstacle
3U172 Genetic Manipulations Obstacle
3C173 Goa'uld Probe Obstacle
3C174 Government Oversight Obstacle
3C175 Greed Exploited Obstacle
3U176 Hathor's Interrogation Obstacle
3C177 Hok'taur Experiments Obstacle
3C178 A Matter of Trust Obstacle
3C179 Might of the Orici Obstacle
3U180 Mutated Creature Obstacle
3U181 Nerve Gas Attack Obstacle
3C182 Nothing but Weakness Obstacle
3C183 Orbital Bombardment Obstacle
3C184 Ori Ground Forces Obstacle
3C185 Ori Satellite Attack Obstacle
3R186 Prelude to Invasion Obstacle
3R187 Prior Bugs Obstacle
3C188 Prior Engagement Obstacle
3U189 Probing the Subconscious Obstacle
3U190 Reanimated Dead Obstacle
3C191 Relentless Pursuit Obstacle
3U192 Replicator Ruse Obstacle
3U193 Rerouted Obstacle
3R194 Senseless Slaughter Obstacle
3U195 Set Up Obstacle
3C196 Spies Everywhere Obstacle
3C197 Super Pheromones Obstacle
3C198 Teachings of Origin Obstacle
3C199 Technology Interface Obstacle
3C200 Teeming Numbers Obstacle
3C201 Threat of Force Obstacle
3C202 Too Easy Obstacle
3U203 Transdimensional Bridge Obstacle
3U204 Trial by Fire Obstacle
3R205 Ultimatum Obstacle
3C206 Archaic Death Glider Hero Ship
3U207 The Daniel Jackson, Supreme Commander's Ship Hero Ship
3U208 F-302 Hero Ship
3U209 Free Jaffa Ha'tak Hero Ship
3C210 Jacek's Tel'tak, Cargo Ship Hero Ship
3U211 Korolev, Russian Flagship Hero Ship
3R212 The O'Neill, Last Great Hope Hero Ship
3R213 Odyssey, Deep Space Carrier Hero Ship
3R214 Prometheus, The X-303 Hero Ship
3C215 Seberus, Racing Ship Hero Ship
3R216 Selmak's Tel'tak, Scout Ship Hero Ship
3U217 Tok'ra Tel'tak Hero Ship
3U218 Trust-Controlled Al'kesh, Commandeered Vessel Hero Ship
3R219 Adria's Mothership, Light of Origin Villain Ship
3C220 Al'kesh Bomber Villain Ship
3R221 Anubis' Mothership, Seat of Power Villain Ship
3U222 Apophis' Ha'tak, The Serpent's Tooth Villain Ship
3C223 Archaic Tel'tak Villain Ship
3U224 Aschen Harvester Villain Ship
3R225 Baal's Ha'tak, Mighty Warship Villain Ship
3C226 Death Glider Villain Ship
3U227 Gadmeer Ship, Legacy of a Civilization Villain Ship
3C228 Goa'uld Ha'tak Villain Ship
3U229 Lucian Alliance Freighter Villain Ship
3C230 Ori Fighter Villain Ship
3U231 Ori Mothership Villain Ship
3R232 Ra's Mothership, Vessel of the Sun God Villain Ship
3U233 Replicator Lander, Vanguard Villain Ship
3R234 Replicator Mothership, Symbol of Change Villain Ship
3UR235 Adria, Leader of Great Enlightenment Adversary
3UR236 Dr. Jackson, Spy for Apophis Adversary
3UR237 Jack O'Neill, Jack of All Trades Team Character
3UR238 Jonas Quinn, Adventurer Team Character
3UR239 Beliskner, Thor's Chariot Hero Ship
3UR240 Apophis Mothership, The Serpent's Venom Villain Ship
3P1 Trial by Fire Obstacle
3P2 Ori Mothership Villain Ship
3P5 Kate Heightmeyer, Psychologist Support Character
3P6 Hermiod, Engineering Specialist Team Character
3P8 Merlin, Dissenting Ancient Support Character


4P1 Iratus Bug Obstacle

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